Project founder’s remarks about The Call of Bratislava to unite all Freemasons:

Masonic initiation is brought to life in the lodge. However, there must be an opportunity for dialogue between the lodges and fraternal bonds must be formed between all Freemasons to achieve its ideals. In 1717, four lodges in London decided to formalise and foster this kind of exchanges by combining, to create a single obedience.

Thereafter, the Masonic movement spread throughout Great Britain, on to Europe, then to America and elsewhere. Its oldest forms found a new vigour, yet the expansion inevitably caused diversification within the localities where it evolved. The fundamentals have remained the same and all Masons recognise the Anderson's Constitutions of 1723 as the basis of their movement, but this growth has finally drive a wedge between the two main streams of the movement.

The Confederation project aims to build a bridge over this abyss in order to facilitate new exchanges between all Freemasons, while respecting the diversity of obediences and their associations.

This proposal reaffirms that the intentions of the founders of modern Freemasonry still apply today. "Establishing a close and strong friendship among people who otherwise would remain at a distance," "to bring together what is scattered," to be "the centre of the union" does not mean "standardising" individuals, but making their life together possible.

The world in the 21st Century is in need of such a movement. Therefore, building this bridge is in the greater interest of the lodges, the obediences and all of mankind.

It is up to each Freemason to contribute how he can and make the effort necessary to successfully create the Confederation.

The stone does not have a need to be other thing like stone. But in the  assembling it becomes temple.
Saint Exupéry

The Call of Bratislava is an entirely personal venture. While the project culminated from discussions with dozens of Freemasons living in different countries and belonging to a vast variety of associations, it was written and is being distributed exclusively under my name. As such, the document is not connected with any particular obedience.

I do not have the standing to consult the directors of the obediences, let alone to persuade them of the merits of my proposal. I hereby submit my ideas to the wisdom of my Brothers for their thoughtful evaluation.

I would like invite them to a free exchange of ideas about

- the significance of Freemasonry,

- its place in today's world,

- the inconsistency of advokating the ideal of universal brotherhood while refusing to communicate among the branches of Freemasonry.


Peter Bu

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